Osho Pulsation The Advanced Training

DURATION: 1 anno




Magna and Maitri

The Advanced Training is accessible to anyone who has participated in the three modules of the Basic Training or to those who have gained an equivalent Osho Pulsation Bodywork experience.

The Osho Pulsation Training is a three-year process:

  • Opening to Feeling, Freeing the Body, Living the Aliveness: three modules, 1 year – Basic Training
  • Advanced Training: 3 modules, second year
  • Supervision module, the third year

In the second year, each module is preparatory to the next one and includes 50-60 hours of theory, personal exploration and practice.

With exercises, meditations, theoretical and practical lessons, moments of sharing and exchanging sessions, the journey continues in the second year of the training, deepening the themes, sensations and emotional memories located in the seven segments of the muscular armor.

Emotional anatomy, the theory of the destructuring of the armor and body work techniques will be some of the essential teachings to be able to give a Pulsation session. Deep personal and emotional learning can take place in the practice of exchanging sessions.

We will explore the qualities of presence, of empathy, of “holding space” for someone else, of containment.

Only a therapist who has carried out a deep personal exploration work on himself can create the essential conditions to accompany his client in a process of meaningful growth.

From their individual experience, in fact, the participants will begin to learn how to facilitate a client during a breathing session, supporting expressive movements and vocal sounds that can allow a spontaneous emotional release.

Osho Pulsation Advanced Training 1

Grounding: contact with legs, feet, the roots, eyes. Facilitator’s inner space. Relation with client. Giving and observing sessions.

Osho Pulsation Advanced Training 2

The neo-reichian body types. Giving and observing sessions: deepening and supporting with words. A session for the pelvic segment…

Osho Pulsation Advanced Training 3

Session: insights. Facilitator/Client. Sexuality, sensuality and pleasure. Presentation of the third year of Training: Supervision.