Freeing the Body: Osho Pulsation The Basic Training




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A deep experiential journey made up of three modules. Each module is a complete workshop and accessible by anybody in any order.
The Reichian Theory supports the work, and, in a loving supportive atmosphere, it will be possible to relax those tensions present at a physical and energetic level that prevent us from perceiving nourishing sensations of pleasure and joy.

Expressiveness and physical expansion are favored by active work on the body, alternated with experiences of deep inner relaxation, both indispensable elements for letting oneself go into a space of silence and meditation, from which to finally be able to welcome trust in our lives.

Topics covered will be:

  • Reichian Theory;
  • Personal experience and individual sessions;
  • What is Pulsation;
  • Energy: the vital force;
  • Pulsation breathing;
  • Energetic charge and discharge;
  • Reich’s orgasm formula;
  • Release of the thoracic segment;
  • Exploration of the Respiratory Diaphragm.



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