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Maneesha Mc Clure was trained in dance and dance therapy in the USA. In 1973 she became a disciple...


This training is a transformational process that uses bodily expressiveness through dance. It is a path based on meditation, inner alchemy, love, in line with modern neuroscience and with Somatic Experiencing® (SE™) therapy.

The training is developed in three modules over two years.

Dance Alchemy is a body-based transformational therapy which can change your life. It works by connecting with the body and emotions through somatic exploration, expressive movement, and the heart center’s capacity to transform.

It teaches the basic principles of the alchemy of transformation, and how to use them in your life to feel better, to reclaim your birthright to live life as a joy.

This work has grown out of the vision that Osho brought into the world known as Zorba the Buddha – a new way of spirituality that is life affirmative, instead of life negative. It gives rise to psychological and spiritual understanding based on the ancient secrets of inner alchemy as presented by the enlightened Master Osho, in his active meditations.

In Dance Alchemy you learn about the chakra map, the techniques for reading the energy of each chakra, you learn to recognize the different energies and correlate them to the relevant areas of your life. You also know the energies of the subtle bodies connected to each chakra, expanding your awareness on the knowledge of yourself and others.

When a body starts to dance, from the movement itself comes the rhythm that goes towards what needs to be expressed. The body indicates what is real and true and what needs to be heard, even if some conditioning and some difficult childhood experiences can hinder this natural ability.


You will start with a deep exploration of the transforming power of the heart center, through dance and heart-opening meditations. Through the heart you can connect with your body in a loving way and through movement begin to unwind what is held in, repressed and causing suffering.

You have a chance to discover and shine light on your own conditioning, the messages you picked up, from parents, teachers, society that became inner voices and fears about what you “should” and “shouldn’t” do or be.

You have a chance to see and begin to unwind the painful repression of the natural that has caused suffering in your body and emotional life.

Whatever issue life is giving you; relationship, work, money, self-love, boundaries, trust, spirituality…Dance Alchemy helps you to use each situation that causes pain or distress to grow and become stronger and more creative, instead of to suffer.

Through somatic exploration, movement and dancing whatever is, as it is, and silent presence, you will begin to experience a metamorphosis, a shift, the magic of inner alchemical change. Then the gifts, for example understanding, clarity, joy, or strength, within the issue can come to you.

The loving acceptance carried in the heart is the master key – it enables you to look directly at the unpleasant feelings, thoughts, energies, emotions you avoid, and face them.

When you allow your emotions to express themselves through dance, you can begin to observe a transformation in your vitality. These emotions can transform revealing deeper sensitivities, greater understandings, and new strengths. The resulting feeling of wholeness and joy opens the doors for you to contact the beauty of your most authentic being, reaching a space of inner stillness. This is the alchemy of transformation. This is meditation in action.


A deep healing of mind, body and emotions, and the wounds from childhood conditioning.

An understanding of the Dance Alchemy method of transformation, based on meditation and the teachings of the Mystery School and the Heartmath Institute

Skills to work with movement healing, dance, trauma healing and help yourself and others have more resilience in life.
To mention a few skills:

Reading body language
Intuitive energy reading
Somatic methods to heal anxiety, depression, fear
Ways to expand your capacity to face challenges and feel joy and bliss
Language/communication skills – Skills for better relationships
Meditation tools and techniques to facilitate connection with yourself, your vitality, creativity and presence

In this training you learn to use the alchemy of transformation, become familiar with its functioning. Through this process you have the ability to become more relaxed and more aware of your body. You explore what is in your heart and become aware of what is holding you back from being fully alive.

The practice of meditation, being present to yourself, the continuous observation of energy moving in the body-mind system becomes the key that leads you to integration, in the depth and height of your inner being.


The Dance Alchemy training is for anyone who wants a change, a full immersion process that will address many issues which cause suffering, and give new tools for living life more clearly, joyously, and productively.

It aims to deepen your self-love and your meditation, trust in life and in your own being and to inspire your creativity and direction in life.

It is for those who feel an affinity to working with body movement and dance, and want to bring not only psychological help but the power of joy to others. This can be done by becoming a Dance Alchemy Practitioner.

It also is for anyone who wants to learn basic skills to work with people in an effective and creative way. If you are a massage therapist, social worker, counselor, psychotherapist, meditation teacher, learning the principles of body wisdom and alchemy will deepen your work.

“One has to learn the secret, the art of how to transform energies. You simply give a direction and the same energy starts moving. And when there is a possibility of transforming anger into bliss, greed into compassion, jealousy into love… you don’t know what you are losing. You don’t know what you are missing. You are missing the whole point of being here in this universe. Give it a try.” OSHO, Yoga, the Alpha and the Omega

Leead by:


Maneesha Mc Clure was trained in dance and dance therapy in the USA. In 1973 she became a disciple...

Moduls and schedule

Dance Alchemy Training 1

A powerful transformation process that uses dance, expression, self-acceptance and meditation. It is meditation in action.

Il corso è in attesa di una nuova programmazione, scrivici per ulteriori info.

Dance Alchemy Training 2

You learn to use the alchemy of transformation. Through this process you have the ability to become more relaxed and more aware…

Il corso è in attesa di una nuova programmazione, scrivici per ulteriori info.

Dance Alchemy Training 3

You bring together what you have learned so far, teach new understandings and focus on where your creativity wants to go…

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