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This training is a transformational process that uses bodily expressiveness through dance. It is a path based on meditation, inner alchemy, love, in line with modern neuroscience and with Somatic Experiencing® (SE™) therapy.

In this training you learn to use the alchemy of transformation, become familiar with its functioning. Through this process you have the ability to become more relaxed and more aware of your body. You explore what is in your heart and become aware of what is holding you back from being fully alive.


Pre-requisite: Module 1 or equivalent – Power of the Heart, Dancing the Seven Chakras

MODULE 2 consists of 2 part

After the deep opening, healing and attitude shift of the transformation process as you moved through each area of life in the seven chakras exploration in Part I, you are prepared for the second part of the training.

Celebrate Yourself – OSHO Childhood Liberation – 1st part4 days

There is no Pre-requisite – this module can be done separately.

This part is a process which transforms the sufferings of childhood/early life which affect your life now by bringing love into the past, enabling old wounds and false ideas about yourself to dissolve. Then through the magic alchemy of dance and meditation, we rediscover the natural energies we lost touch with as a child to expand, and our individuality to flower and live.

You will be guided through a deeply healing childhood process from the Osho Mystery School called Childhood Liberation. Just like Primal, you need to revisit the past to straighten out what was not right for you as a child, and let go of the burden of trying to be someone you are not – which we all are forced into. But the real healing is in connecting with your innocence and unique essence – that which you came into this life with, and had to leave in order to “grow up” according to others.

The joy of connecting with this essence is what makes it easy to shine light through the false personality and the layers of suffering you took on, without pushing or heavy catharsis.

Coming out of this process you reconnect with your own qualities –  such as innocence, courage, and joy. As you dance, your essential qualities expand.

Module 2: Living the New Expansion – PART 2 – 4 Days

Pre-requisite – Part I.

After this beautiful child process, you have a chance to enjoy discovering yourself. Your creativity expands. Fresh energies will appear as you feel and express through movement. We play and enjoy, re-learning what we knew as children – to allow life as it comes! The body speaks, the wisdom of the body reveals. We help eachother with recognizing authentic movements, and communicating through movement.

You will revisit the issue you have chosen to work with through the chakras, and explore life situations where you have been reacting out of past nightmares, and learn how to use difficulties to grow instead – bringing the alchemy into daily life.

Through dance and creativity games and structures, you will find new possibilities to respond creatively in life, instead of react.

During this time new neural pathways are being created, the more you practice dance alchemy. You will have time to practice letting something different happen than listening to the in the mind – deepening meditation and awareness.

You will also learn how to recognize and value the ways you perceive energy and emotions in others, and to read body language, which helps you trust your own perceptions.

You will learn a protocol for a heart session and a dance alchemy session, and steps for creating a class or group structure. Whether or not you decide to give sessions and classes, the learning can give you tremendous understanding.

You get a basic understanding of the nervous system, and principals of working with the body in healing work.

Lastly, in Part II we introduce Heart Synchronicity – The secrets of attunement!

Module 2 summary

  • Deeply transforming childhood process.
  • Expand your creativity and find its’ direction
  • Dissolve old patterns and bring alchemy into daily life
  • Create new neural pathways
  • Learn to respond not react
  • Learn your way of perceiving energy, emotions and reading body language
  • Learn body reading
  • Learn to give a heart session and a dance alchemy session
  • Learn to create a class or structure for a workshop

*You will receive a Certificate of Completion after Part II.

* Between Part II and III, we will have follow-up meetings for those who are continuing to Part III. If you choose to, you will be ready to start practicing giving sessions and designing classes, and you will have the opportunity to enroll in an internship with my guidance as you practice sessions or leading classes. The internship will allow me to support you as you share what is difficult for you, and to review your recorded classes to give you feedback and ideas so you can become a better and better practitioner.

“And the joy, on the day you discover your original face, alive, innocent, fresh, intact, waiting to be rediscovered – what more you can expect?” OSHO, From Darkness to Light



Dance Alchemy Training

BODY-BASED TRANSFORMATIONAL THERAPY. A powerful transformation process that uses expression, dance and meditation…



Maneesha Mc Clure was trained in dance and dance therapy in the USA. In 1973 she became a disciple...