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This training is a transformational process that uses bodily expressiveness through dance. It is a path based on meditation, inner alchemy, love, in line with modern neuroscience and with Somatic Experiencing® (SE™) therapy.

In this training you learn to use the alchemy of transformation, become familiar with its functioning. Through this process you have the ability to become more relaxed and more aware of your body. You explore what is in your heart and become aware of what is holding you back from being fully alive.


Module 1 consists of 2 parts.

The Power of the Heart – part 1 – 3 days

There are no pre-requisites for Part I

Part I will give you a solid foundation in understanding conditioning, human energy centers or chakras, the potential of meditation and inner alchemy, basic brain science from SE (Somatic Experiencing) to help understand and heal the nervous system, increased resilience and trust in daily life, and a deep transformational process for yourself.

You will learn the transforming power of the heart center, which is the foundation for working with people and for changing your life, and the basis of Dance Alchemy. You will learn the essential elements of the alchemy of transformation.

Dancing the Seven Chakras – part 2 – 7 days

After the work with the heart, and learning the alchemy of transformation, you will enter into a deep exploration of the seven chakras. Since each energy center, or chakra, regulates a different area of life, you will have a chance to bring your meditation to what may be holding you back, and the unique potential that wants to grow in you, in each area.

You will:

Learn how each of your seven chakras takes care of a different area of your life, examine your personal family and societal conditioning and be able to start dissolving the limiting energy patterns, beliefs, and wounds you have in each of these areas, through Dance Alchemy.

Receive not only mental knowledge, but an embodied understanding of Dance Alchemy as you go through the process.

Have a chance to work through an issue or theme that runs through your life and causes suffering, and gather tools for responding creatively to challenging life situations.

Have a chance to practice the alchemy of transformation so it becomes embodied, and begins being second nature. This means you have started to create new neural pathways in the brain and nervous system so that the old habits of suppressing your life energies begin to dissolve.

MODULE 1 summary:

  • Start a deep exploration and opening of the Heart chakra
  • Learn the 3 elements of the alchemy of transformation and how to use them
  • Learn the power of movement and dance
  • Gain understanding of the 7 chakra system and what each one regulates
  • Get a foundation in understanding your conditioning and how it affected your life
  • Transform whatever issues you have in different areas of life – money/survival, relating, power/expression, self-love, intuition and insight, belonging…through exploring each chakra
  • Practice alchemy

You will receive a Certificate of Completion after module 1.

Between Module 1 and Module 2, Maneesha will be supporting you through online meetings as you discover how the alchemy can work in daily life, and in practice sessions. These meetings will be included in the price of the training.

“Your head and your heart are not together, that is the problem. Your head is full of all kinds of nonsense, and that nonsense does not belong to you. It has been given to you by your parents, by your society, by your teachers, by your professors, by your priests, by your politicians. You have a head full of all kinds of bullshit, and this head tries to dominate over the heart, which is still beyond the capacity of anybody to distort, to contaminate. That is the only hope for man – to listen to the heart and go along with it.” OSHO, Satyam Shivam Sundram





Dance Alchemy Training

BODY-BASED TRANSFORMATIONAL THERAPY. A powerful transformation process that uses expression, dance and meditation…



Maneesha Mc Clure was trained in dance and dance therapy in the USA. In 1973 she became a disciple...