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Knowing your body is just as important as paying attention to mental processes and managing emotions. This is why inner dialogue with oneself is fundamental, even before with others and with the world or with the situations that occur in daily life.

This training is a transformational process that uses bodily expressiveness through dance. It is a path based on meditation, inner alchemy, love, in line with modern neuroscience and with Somatic Experiencing® (SE™) therapy.

Having a real perception of yourself helps to identify a series of attitudes, postures and ways of expressing yourself of which, most of the time, you are not aware.

Through the practice of alchemical dance, you enrich your movements and your gestures, expand your ability to communicate through the body. Get comfortable with spontaneity and study body language to observe on a deeper level what happens to you and to others.

Body expressiveness is a way of communicating and expressing oneself through the body, and each body is different from another. Being present and having a good dialogue with yourself means understanding that every thought influences what happens: expectations, actions, performance, gestures…

In the alchemical dance you learn about the first five chakras, the techniques of reading the energy of each chakra, you learn to recognize it and relate it to the related areas of your life. Also know the energies of the subtle bodies connected to each chakra, expanding your awareness on the knowledge of yourself and others.

When a body starts to dance, from the movement itself comes the rhythm that goes towards what needs to be expressed. The body indicates what is real and true and what needs to be heard, even if some conditioning and some difficult childhood experiences can hinder this natural ability.

This path helps you to:

  • Getting to know your body and being aware of how and how much you condition it
  • Know how you express yourself
  • Becoming aware of how you express yourself to others
  • Release held pain

You learn how to:

  • Connect with your emotions and recognize the hidden ones
  • Don’t judge what your body feels
  • Not wanting to fix or change things and accept them as they are
  • Transform problems by listening to your body and delving into its emotional intelligence and communication skills.

When you allow your emotions to express themselves through dance, you can begin to observe a transformation in your vitality. These emotions can transform revealing deeper sensitivities, greater understandings, and new strengths. The resulting feeling of wholeness and joy opens the doors for you to contact the beauty of your most authentic being, reaching a space of inner stillness. This is the alchemy of transformation. This is meditation in action.

In this training you learn to use the alchemy of transformation, become familiar with its functioning. Through this process you have the ability to become more relaxed and more aware of your body. You explore what is in your heart and become aware of what is holding you back from being fully alive.

The practice of meditation, being present to yourself, the continuous observation of energy moving in the body-mind system becomes the key that leads you to integration, in the depth and height of your inner being.

It is then that dancing becomes a creative act, a way of life, a way of expressing oneself in space, a way of looking at and seeing things, a way of communicating oneself and one’s inner world.



Maneesha Mc Clure was trained in dance and dance therapy in the USA. In 1973 she became a disciple...