Dance Alchemy Training 1- single module




dal 30 Giugno ore 10:00
al 9 Luglio ore 16:30

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This training is a powerful transformation process that uses dance, expression, self-acceptance and meditation. Our bodies know how to heal and recover from the trauma or events that affect our nervous system, but we are trained to counteract this natural ability.

Our bodies constantly tell us what is real and true and what needs to be heard and authorized. When we connect to the energies and emotions held in the body, without judgment or without the will to want to fix and change things, but with love and presence, things are already starting to transform, a certain alchemy begins to happen.
When we allow movements and emotions to express themselves through dance as they are, this in itself brings joy. In an atmosphere of acceptance and presence without judgment, these emotions are transformed and reveal their essential qualities, deeper sensitivities, greater understandings, new strengths.
We are no longer divided against ourselves. The consequent feeling of wholeness and happiness opens the doors, within us, to connect with the beauty of our authentic being and with inner peace. This is the alchemy of transformation. This is meditation in action.



Maneesha Mc Clure was trained in dance and dance therapy in the USA. In 1973 she became a disciple...