21 Days of Transformation with Dynamic Meditation



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21 Days of Transformation with Dynamic Meditation

21 Days Osho Dynamic Meditation is a deep process into one self. First we need to empty all the repressions, emotions going beyond the fear of madness till the authentic in us starts to emerge.

The more man becomes civilized the more catharsis is needed. It takes time to break the conditioning impose by society till we reach the source of our life energy and loose the fear to live fully.

Once we have freed our energy we can bring it into awareness and meditation going beyond the fear of letting go of the mind and live life in celebration. Osho says the first seven days allow you to settle in. You begin to feel the benefits in the second week, and in the third week, you arrive at feeling truly comfortable within the practice. It is commonly said that it takes 21 days to form a habit,  He says this process requires consistent work to break up old patterns and fully receive the new energy.

Benefits of 21 Days Osho Dynamic

  • Releasing stress
  • Improving Heald
  • Releasing old patterns
  • Releasing negative thoughts and emotions
  • A renewed sense of aliveness
  • Releasing stagnant or heavy energy in the body
  • Feeling light, weightless, and carefree
  • Gaining more energy
  • Letting go of the ego
  • A restored sense of gratitude
  • A deeper sense of relaxation and peace

Activities during day

During the 21 days of transformation we will have every day 3 hours work as meditation.
Work keep us grounded, connected and been part of the commune.
We will have Creativity events 3 times a week
Once a week we will meet to share and deepen into the understanding of Dynamic Meditation Technic

Participants on the 21 days will receive a certificate of Osho Dynamic Meditation Leader

“Catharsis is needed when repression enters the human mind. The more repressive a society, the more cathartic methods will be needed. Then you will have to do something to bring it out.”
OSHO, Secrets of Yoga


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