Abandonment, Jealousy and Loss




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Abandonment, Jealousy and Loss: The Gateway to Deeper Connection is a seminar is an in-depth exploration of the wound of abandonment. We want to focus more attention on this theme because it plays such a crucial role in our lives, particularly in our relationships.

The wound of abandonment shows itself in many ways. It may show itself as jealousy, disappointment, and frustration when things are not as we want them to be. It may show itself as being addicted to harmony, or incapable of being authentic, and setting limits. It can also show itself as an inability to recover from loss or rejection, and instead falling into addictions or depression. We may often mask this wound with expectations, strategies of control, power games, anger, or depression. When this wound is not understood, explored, and deeply felt, it can lead to painful relating dynamics, a general lack of fulfillment in life, and even lead to bitterness and resentment.

In this seminar, we will be exploring the origins of this wound, look at the strategies we use to avoid feeling the emptiness behind this wound, learn how to recognize it when it shows itself, and how to gently be with it inside. The wound of abandonment is a deep inner sense of emptiness and missing connection. Each time this wound is triggered it is an opportunity for us to go deeper inside, and reach a place of deep acceptance. In this way, the abandonment wound can become a doorway to a much deeper inner connection. Once that inner connection starts to happen, we begin to relate to others and to life in a different way, from a space of deep maturity and wisdom.



Krishnananda and Amana

Krishnananda (Thomas Trobe, M.D.) and Amana (Gitte Demant Trobe) have been leading courses together...



Krishnananda and Amana