Atisha: the 7 Doors to Meditation




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Meditation is a confrontation with ourselves, an individual exploration and a journey into the depths of our heart and our mind, into what we are. A process to go deeper and deeper into this reality, letting the conditionings, fears, illusions, ideas, dreams fall, layer by layer.
Meditation means being in the here and now, being present in the moment. An unveiling, a rediscovery of our innate wisdom.

This retreat, a deep immersion in Oshos revolutionary and innovative meditations, is based on Osho’s comments and explanations to Atisha’s 11th-century Tibetan text “Mind Training (Lo-Jong) in Seven Points” (Pha-chos Bu-chos).

A priceless guide, and a light for every inner path, for every meditator, able to completely transform the mind and the heart. An opening to the unlimited space of our inner being.

Main points that are treated in this retreat: the preliminaries; Atishas “Meditation of the Heart”; The rise of the Bodhicitta (Buddhist Consciousness); Functioning of the mind and illusory of the ego; The four bodies (Kaya); The essential meaning of being a witness; the bases and difficulties of the awareness process; what mean “Compassion” and “Wisdom”; The transcendent function of the five senses; The “Three main causes” and the “Three Treasures”; The authentic and profound meaning of “Freedom”.



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