Awaken the Energy!




from 13 October hour 10:00
to 15 October hour 16:30

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Everything is energy, we are energy.

The vital energy originates in the HARA, its source is a focal point of the OPH® work. The connection with the heart, 4th chakra, integrates and increases self-confidence.

It is three days of energy work OPH® oriented to recognize how much and how in your daily life you live in contact with vital energy and how much of it you disperse.

Through OPH® meditation techniques and experiential exercises, you experience the possibility of living in contact with a greater amount of life energy, learning to perceive how it flows within you.

This experience brings you greater clarity, a new amount of energy is released transforming your daily life.

Let yourself be enveloped by this experience, smell its fragrance, open yourself to joy. You will have more confidence in your perceptions and new tools to relax and center yourself in your uniqueness.


  • What is energy
  • The Aura: movement
  • Movement and perception of chakras and subtle bodies
  • Hara as a source of life energy.
  • The course is open to everyone and is equivalent to the introductory part of the OPH® Training Base.

“Being centered in oneself is the source of energy: the moment you are centered in yourself, you become full of immense energy.” OSHO



In 1998, Anunaya started training with the Osho Prana Healing School and in 2019 she became an...