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from 1 May hour 10:00
to 4 May hour 16:30

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The power of love is a workshop that helps you discover your real power.

Discovering your true power is a journey into the ability to be yourself, to learn to express yourself freely regardless of others, claiming your right to be in your full potential. You have been taught that power is supremacy over others, that you have to be powerful in order to be loved. Society gives us an input to divide ourselves into higher and lower, to put pressure on ourselves and others. This creates separation in your life and often a run-up to material possessions as self-realization. But instead of feeling good in the long run, you feel isolated and in pain.

When you relax in your essential nature the love that is within you finds room for a creative expression of your real power.

In this workshop, through different meditative techniques, inductions, and OPH® energetic group experiential techniques, you will bring a deep clarity to the dimension of your personal power. You will find the courage to express yourself, without the need to belittle others and by relaxing in your essential nature. From this space you will increasingly have the ability to make decisions with relaxed clarity. You will have the opportunity to live and express your vitality and your joy of living. You will be able to recognize and expand the power of love.

“Power is dangerous without meditation. Any kind of power is bound to become destructive if there is no meditation involved in it. Lord Acton’s famous statement is basically true, that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, because power means energy. What is one going to do with energy if one has not the understanding to use it rightly… But once meditation becomes the foundation, then power is creative, then it brings great poetry and great music and great dance in your life. And not only in just your life; it starts overflowing you, it starts reaching others.”
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