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“Don’t look for Your Identity. What matters is disappearing to allow creativity to happen.” Meera Hashimoto

A slow, sensory and aware trekking to experience, rejoice and celebrate together the wonderful nature around the Osho Miasto woods and the suggestive Meera Art Museum, a museum dedicated to the beautiful paintings of the Japanese artist Meera Hashimoto.

With slow steps, deep breathing and inner listening we will move along an easy path suitable for all those who love to walk in nature, supported by the powerful energies of Mother Earth and the ancient trees of the wood.

We will celebrate this experiential day in the name of creativity and slow walking with meditation, visualizations and deep reconnection with the wood.
On the way we will stop at the Selva di Sogno\DreamWoods, a stone sculpture park designed by Manfred Flucke, to stop in front of the Sculpture dedicated to Meera.
Along the way each of us will create a decorated stone and a small watercolor.

The trekking is dedicated to Meera (1947-2017), painter and art therapist from the world of Osho, who worked all her life in the field of art, therapy and meditation, creating new and revolutionary ways of creative expression.


The duration of ART & SOUL TREK is a full day walking tour starting at 9.30 from Osho Miasto\Mevlana and returning to Osho Miasto around h. 16.30\16.45
Those who wish can participate in the Kundalini Meditation or in the White Meditation when returning from the Trekking.
The lunch will be packed lunch, for those who want it there will be the possibility of a packed lunch prepared by Osho Miasto and to be collected (by reservation).
ROUTE: Easy, suitable for all those who love walking in nature
Comfortable layered clothing, trekking shoes, water, and for those who want it, a mat or towel\blanket to work on the ground.


Possibility to participate only in the morning starting at 9.30, with the group doing the whole day of trekking, to the mini slow trekking from Mevlana, Miasto Amphitheater, to the sculpure dedicated to Meera.

Suggestive and short path through the Miasto woods and Manfred Flucke’s Selva di Sogno\DreamWoods.

During the path we will do a guided meditation\visualization to re-connect with the spirit of the place and with the spirit of the trees and we will create a decorated and donated stone to maintain the co-creation tradition in front of Meera’s sculpture c\o Selva DreamWood. Return to Miasto at the end of the activities in the late morning.

“Be natural, be simple, be innocent and allow nature to guide you.” OSHO



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