Osho Miasto Festival

//Osho Miasto Festival
Osho Miasto Festival 2019-08-10T11:04:44+02:00

From 10 to 17 August 2019

The Miasto Festival is a special occasion, an occasion to experience a dimension of celebration and meditation, playfulness and profundity,  encounters and inner space in the beauty and the stillness of nature during the summer.

The daily program includes morning, afternoon and evening activities interlaced with the possibility of receiving a massage and/or an individual session, both on land and in water.

The daily market, the bar that every morning produces excellent brioche, the events and the shows, make this an enjoyable occasion also for children.

Our kitchen on this occasion gives its best, with a vegetarian and mainly organic menu, which is also available in the bar.

Sagar, our hot water pool remains open not only to offer daily events but is also freely accessible for a few hours each day.

The commune is colourful and offers itself as a ripe fruit sweetened by the sun during this beautiful event that for years has  accompanied our summers. We are waiting for you!