Sagar 2021-01-31T10:54:06+01:00

Sagar in Sanskrit language means “ocean” and is a recent space built inside Miasto, consisting of a modern structure with a hot water pool, a well-equipped meditation room, and spaces for individual sessions and relaxation.

Water is what melts and welcomes everything in a deep quiet, naturally activating an immense regenerative process, in which the body feels welcomed and protected and where meditation spontaneously happens.

With the opening of Sagar, Miasto’s program of activities has enriched with new trainings, workshops, and personalized relaxation programs that, in addition to daily meditations, offer individual work in the water.

With the opening of Sagar, the activities of Miasto has enriched of new trainings, workshops, personalized groups and pathways for relaxation which offers individual water sessions other than the daily meditations.

The temperature of the water is 35 degrees and the pool is 10 mt long per 6 mt wide per 1,20 mt depth.

We are sorry to inform that, due to the Covid19 situation, all workshops in water are temporarily suspended.


“…life is always liquid, always moving and flowing. The way of life is the way of the water; it is not the way of the rocks. Lao Tzu calls it ’the watercourse way’: always moving. It is a flux, and hence the beauty!