Osho Pulsation Supervision Training




dal 8 Aprile ore 10:00
al 12 Aprile ore 16:30

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To adapt the Italian training course to the international standards of the Training, a year of integration and deepening is required, which is essential to be able to complete the process and start working as an Osho Pulsation Bodyworker.

The Third Year provides for participation in some mandatory activities and the acquisition of additional tools in specific workshops and recommended courses and begins with a first participation in a Supervisory Workshop, accessible to anyone who has completed all the modules of the Osho Pulsation Training (basic and advanced).

In-depth information on the method will be provided, including touch, impulses, verbal interventions, conducting group structures and more. The trainees will also have the opportunity to practice conducting the group and much space will be devoted to questions.

In addition to being part of the Training structure, it is also suitable for those who want to deepen their understanding of the work and increase their skills or those who simply want to immerse themselves again in the practice of Pulsation and meet other training partners, friends trainees.

An opportunity for “spring cleaning”: for everyone the opportunity to lie down once more on the mattress and breathe deeply to bring fresh air, light, new energy and awareness to the body and to one’s life.



Aneesha Dillon, American-born, trained in neo-Reichian education with Charles Kelley at the Radix...