Osho Family Constellation Training

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Themes: free yourself from conditionings, strengthen your resources, understand masculine and feminine, understand masculine and feminine,

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Finding our individuality and going beyond our personality to be able to live our own life necessarily implies a deep work about our original family system. Osho Family Constellation Training heals our roots and helps us find the right place in the world and in relationships through awareness. It allows us to develop our true potential thanks to a deep understanding of the hidden and powerful bonds with our original family systems, which often limit us in different aspects of life without our being aware of it. Topics dealt with in Module 1 - Morphogenetic and information fields and phenomenology of family systems; - Personal, collective and spiritual Conscience; - Orders of love and their importance in family systems and in life; - Balance between giving and receiving; - Law of belonging; - Categories of Feelings; - Understanding the dimensions of “innocence and guilt” versus “responsibility and conscious love”; - Entanglements with ancestors and excluded family members: identifying and disentangling them through constellations about our original family; - Perception exercises and first steps into the morphogenetic field; - Healing of the interrupted movement to the mother; - Language accuracy and its reconciliatory effect.

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