she met Osho in 1982. The passion for inner research was the driving force behind a large part of her personal development.
His life story is anything but monotonous: after actively participating in the student movement in the 1970s, he lived in the Osho Municipalities in Milan, Freiburg and Berlin, spent many winters in Pune, India, in Osho International Meditation Resort, where he intensely participated in the life of the Municipality.
Since the 90s he has organized courses with Osho’s meditations in his city, Ferrara, and holds courses, workshops and collective Tarot reading events.
In all this time, practically since he was a teenager, he has read, interpreted, and played with the Tarot cards. This long experience of play, of meditation, of passion for spiritual research has favored the birth and the spontaneous elaboration of an experiential reading key of the Tarot cards linked to the possibility of opening glimmers of light in every darkness.
Author of the book: The Tarots: from Chaos to Cosmos – Youcanprint Editions