Harmony of the Body and Dance of the Soul

Deep Stretching® and Active Meditation Metaphysical Dance

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Deep Stretching® sessions, which lengthen the deep muscles by re-harmonizing posture in an atmosphere of pleasantness and meditation, will alternate with Deepti's Active Meditations where each one, immersed in his own dance, and in synchrony with the dance of the others, forms a tableau vivant of meditation, pulsating, swaying and alive, and then gently sink into the silence of meditation, in the peace of your center, out of space and out of time.

This wokshop is open to everybody, and it is dedicated to relaxation and pleasure through Deep Stretching® and active meditation Metaphysical Dance. It is a patented method, created in 1995 from the experience and professionalism of Deepti Canfora. The Deep Stretching lengthens the deep muscles, that is, those muscles close to the joints (for example the external muscles of the hip) and those muscle bundles that flow more in contact with the skeletal apparatus (for example the muscles proper of the spinal column).
Why is it so important to work on deep muscles?

The deep muscles include a series of little powerful muscles that carry out a constant action of support of the skeleton, allowing us to remain standing and keep the balance. If these muscles are in a state of "disease", the body remedies it by asking for help to the superficial muscles, which, however, are not made for a constant and supportive work and that therefore soon accuse the "weight" generating contractions and pains. The sequences of movements are performed lying on the ground and with closed eyes, favoring the inner contact and eliminating the tension of having to imitate someone and the comparison with others. Each movement takes its impulse from the Hara, from our center of gravity, allowing the superficial muscles to relax. Muscle relaxation enhances awareness of the muscles and thus activates part of the brain and muscles that are usually not used and allows us to work gently and in depth. The setting of the voice and the type of language used by the conductor induces an ever-deeper relaxation and attention to oneself at every level, allowing the mind to quiet down, making it possible to enter a state of awareness.
The slowness of the movements makes it possible to reactivate muscles that are not normally used and to use others in a different way, which are usually used incorrectly, in addition to favoring the abandonment of tension and control, allowing you to enjoy a real rest and to deepen and tone the deep and superficial muscles, rebalancing the action and the relationship between one and the other.
The exercises are suitable for all ages, do not require physical fatigue and have been specifically designed to be able to work on the antigravitational muscles of the trunk and on the back muscles that have intersection with the spine, improving the mobility of the body and its functionality.
The methodology is based on two types of approaches, closely interconnected:
a structural one: it works on the musculoskeletal system, including the fascia; the action is performed on the superficial and deep muscles, which, being decontrolled and lengthened, also has beneficial effects on the spine; the work on the column will be reflected, in turn, on the whole organism and on its functionality, eliminating pain and contractures thanks to the re-harmonization of the posture; an indirect one: on the emotional side; through deep breathing and meditative relaxation, in fact, we get the decrease in the activity of the amygdala and the cortico-adrenal gland with a consequent decrease in stress-related hormones (cortisol, adrenaline ...), and the synchronization of intrinsic and extrinsic systems, with reduction of pro-inflammatory cytokines.
DeepStretching sessions work on body awareness and movement leading to an increase in muscle power focused on a specific purpose and movement. Furthermore, deep muscle relaxation brings greater awareness to the muscles and their use consistent with function; in this way the rest of the muscles can remain at rest, respecting the rule of "energy economy", known to biophysics; this awareness is fixed both in muscle memory and in neuronal memory.
The active meditation techniques created by Deepti are inspired by Osho and by the Vigyana Bhairava Tantra sutras. Every technique takes place through a theme or a sutra, and, just to facilitate the experience, and to be able to savor these small and large journeys towards meditation, Deepti accompanies you and stimulates everyone to explore their own inner worlds and landscapes, through dance , the gesture, the movement, amplifying and expanding the sensations and emotions present, supported by orchestral music chosen with great care, dense in rhythm and involving harmonic aspects such as to inspire and stimulate the feeling, so that everyone can create their own 'choreography of the soul'. Deepti takes you to an indefinite space, in a non-place, which allows the connection with one's inner universe that has its rhythm, its speed, its warmth, its taste, its colors, its sweat.
Everyone, immersed in their own dance, is interconnected and in sync with the dance of others; many and different personal dances, united by the same resonant thread, which form a “tableau vivant” of meditation, pulsating, undulating and alive. Finally, sitting with eyes closed, it sinks gently into the silence of meditation, in the peace of one's center, out of space and out of time, feeling belonging to existence from within.
You can also participate only on Saturday 5/9 and Sunday 6/9.


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