Jump into a New Life

Celebrazione del nuovo anno - Gratitudine verso l'anno che sta finendo

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Themes: rebalance the body, rebalance energy, relating,

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The end of the year and the arrival of the new one is always a unique opportunity to make a synthesis of what happened throughout the year and specially to create the basis for a creative and successful new year. The right choice is to "jump into a new life" that is supported by the previous experiences and with the excitement and innocence of an open and daring heart. Although everyone recognises that we need love and not pain, there are situations when our unconsciousness is the ground for our discomforts and traumas. The end of the year invites us to see pain as a Master that teaches us how not to repeat the same mistakes, and motivates us to invest into living consciously, celebration, playfulness and joining with others who are motivated by similar search and attitude. This is the best way for radical awakening and to find your own strength to take into your own hands the responsability for a happy and healthy life.
This workshop gives you the unique opportunity to learn how to do, while at the same time enjoying and celebrating, and to have a true spiritual holiday with never ending positive tools for success. All techniques used are easily accessible to anyone with a healthy body. Dancing, breathing and relating to all participants as well as relaxation and self-healing techniques are predominant factors in the way you will involve yourself in the process.
The benefits from this workshop will continue to grow within yourself for long time after the workshop will be completed


  • Prashantam - Josè Miguel Pereira De Matos - was born in Portugal in 1949 and received initiat...

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