Kyo: Osho Zen

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25 November 2021
(h 21:30)
30 November 2021
(h 16:30)
6 days

Kyo: Osho Zen is an intense meditation retreat inspired by traditional Zen. It is a work born from Osho’s invitation to Prashantam, returning from a stay in Japan. For months Osho personally followed the birth and development of Prashantam's work in Kyo by suggesting various techniques.

The retreat is structured with precise and strict rhythms that mark the entire 24 hours of the day, where rituals, ancient Zen meditations, new active meditation techniques, simple moments of work in which to experience awareness in every daily gesture and techniques of artistic and bodily expression alternate.
The intensity and totality to which the participants are invited have the main purpose of making evident the games with which the mind tries to sabotage our energy. Once resistances are overcome, all things start to flow again and we can experience a new opening and a expansion.
During the days of the retreat, which takes place in delimited and common spaces, silence is requested (i.e. the suspension of all forms of communication) and complete isolation from the outside world (where telephone contacts are also excluded). A light, and detoxifying diet is adopted.

Previous meditation experiences are required.

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