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Three days of magical experiences for adults and children in the enchanted water of Miasto Sagar. A workshop for the whole family, based on loving communication, in which both adults and children learn creative ways to relate and communicate what they feel. Ideas to live in harmony with yourself and your children. A chance to have fun together and enter intimacy, meditating with playfulness and lightness, experiencing the living Buddhafield that Miasto is. Funny metaphor exercises, on land and in water, to experience empathic listening and expressing the feeling in a creative and playful way. Learning from the water qualities of fluidity and acceptance, we will enter in contact with the trust and the letting go of what there is and not what we would like to be there. Play and movement will be the center of our activities: play as a spontaneous and positive learning tool, thanks to which we can find new ways of relating. Meditations as magic potions, mantras as fairy spells, communication exercises as encounters in the bewitching forest and artistic rap battles. Listening, welcoming, kindness, as well as the ability to leave the child free to experience an emotion in order to know and face it, are fundamental and will be placed at the center of the path. Respect is the awareness of one's own freedom and that of others, it is the place where children find the opportunity to express themselves and be listened to, opening up on the basis of trust and mutual respect. Everything can become meditation, even the way we talk to our children. To educate a child we must first educate ourselves. But what educate means? What is the most effective education? Thanks to which strategy will a child be more successful or happier? The Art of being parents lies in being able to put ourselves, our dynamics and our expectations aside, in order to create and protect an empty space in which the child’s potential can blossom. This art can be practiced only in the light of awareness, presence and self-knowledge, remembering to be witnesses while we see our children facing the challenges of life. Being parents can be lived with lightness and playfulness when we manage to see in the conflict a possibility, in the whim an unmet need and in the commitment an adventure. Magicabula wants to (re)bring the magic and joy to be parents. Respect, trust, freedom and love as keys to “educate”, fun and non-seriousness as a tool for healthy reciprocity in the relationship. In the presence we can really tell our story full of magic. We can allow ourselves to be human and not perfect. We can inspire our children to be the best in themselves instead of imposing them rules of behavior unrelated to their potential.


  • graduated in Sociology and Social Planning, trained in Primal and Twice Born childhood decondi...

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