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This is an intensive workshop in which the learning of Watsu's form will be in perfect communion with the exploration of the various forms of water, a fluid element par excellence, a great Master in her continuous flow, in her continuous becoming.

It is aimed at all those who wish to learn Watsu in a context where personal research and meditation are an integral part of the process. From a personal perspective, investigating experiences linked to the water element, offers the opportunity to contact the qualities of fluidity, let go and deep relaxation within oneself, so as to invite them to be present also in the daily life, learning to let themselves be guided by the current, minimizing effort and stress and consequently increasing joy and pleasure. Pecularities that are well associated with the practice of giving and receiving Watsu, one of the most innovative Bionatural disciplines that owes its name to the encounter between the ancient art of Shiatsu and the benefits of warm waters.

Immersed in the wonderful pool of Miacqua Sagar the fundamental principles of this mode of aquatic work will be transmitted, learning to combine stretching of muscles and meridians with articular mobilization. One of the peculiarities of Watsu is that it acts in the absence of gravity, thus creating the perfect conditions for the body to freely explore its movements, having access to a deep sense of peace and relaxation.

This seminar is an opportunity to learn the first level of Watsu. You can participate only in the first three-day introductory part, where you learn the movements and the initial positions by experimenting how to adopt a posture that allows us to make the best use of the water and its natural support. The connection between movement and breath will be highlighted and explored until it reaches the dimension of quiet and pure presence.

Participating in the intensive of all seven days will result in the acquisition of the complete form of Watsu Training 1, learning to connect the movements learned in a new sequence, creating a harmonious and soft flow. We learn how to support people with different physical structures, experimenting with the principles of aquatic postural dynamics, thus reducing effort to a minimum and increasing the level of pleasantness and let go. Alternating between water and earth, we will use Watsu's own practices, Osho’s active meditations, specific breathing techniques, free dance, with a view to lightening the body of tension no longer needed, thus awakening the natural sense of movement inherent in each of us.

At the end of the workshop you will have acquired a sequence of Watsu that you can share with friends and acquaintances, and at the same time thanks to the experience of floating, you will bring home a new sense of abandonment and trust, which will allow you to relate with more joy and lovingness .

No special requirements are necessary for participation in the seminar.


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