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Water is the ultimate fluid element, great master in its continuous flow, in its continuous becoming.
To be water, to move like water means to be able to contact qualities such as fluidity, surrender and deep relaxation.

The flowing quality supports the art of feeling relaxed, receptive, in harmony with your own rhythm. Do not fight, do not swim against the tide, beyond futile efforts just be available to the currents of the river of life. Watsu embodies all these aspects: let yourself be floated and supported by arms that welcome, without judging, without interfering or wanting to make a change, let yourself be just the way you are. This workshop represent the first level and you can attend it in two parts or in a single intensive formula.

First part basic: Watsu® Experience

You’ll learn the movements and the basic positions, experiment with how to stand in the water in a proper way, using its natural support.
In the Basic, the connection between movement and breath will be highlighted and explored cultivating a dimension of peace and pure presence.

Second part: The Transition Flow

You’ll learn how to connect the learned movements, in a new sequence creating a harmonious and gentle flow. You’ll experiment with how you might support people with different physical structures, learning the principles of postural aquatic dynamics, so that the stress can be reduced to a minimum, increasing the level of pleasure and abandon.
If you have already attend Watsu Basic, you can participate directly the Transition Flow.

“The water is life — because all life arises out of the water. Water is vital. In your body you are eighty-five percent water, so eighty-five percent water, liquid, is meeting with a big river, or the ocean. You have come to the original source of vitality.” OSHO



Gyan Keli Procopio began her spiritual journey as a seeker in '88, the year in which he became a...