Born in Spain, before he started his spiritual journey, he was an entrepeneur and owned a company in Bilbao, Spain.
Despite the success that he has in the bussines world, he always felt that there was a voice in him, that somethins was missing in his life.
Because a time of emotional and fisical difficulties he need a fresh start in life. He sold his company and moved away from his familiar sourranding. His destination was Peru. Here he got in contact with the Shamanism, the Antique medicins and with the old andin traditions.
His heart lead him to discover other disciplines in different countries. The encounter with the Osho world and the meditative therapies led Pushan to question his perception of life. The felling of emptiness that he carried all his life was yielding to a sence of purpose, fullfilment and completition for the first time.
Comited for personal and profesional growth, Pushan started channeling all his energy to learning ways of looking within, mainly the breath work, trauma resolution and body work.
Some of the various disciplines that he studied are:

The Diamond breath work
Somatic Expiriencing. Certificated practitioner
The ways of Tantra
Sexual awareness & relationships
Meditative Therapies
Cocoon tantra massage, Ayurvedic Massage and other techniques
Reiki , Tai Chi and Chi Qong
With the sense of contenment that he found throught his path to self discovery, Pushan decided to dedicated his life to sharing his new path for those who are also looking to find their void with something meaningful.