Degree course for Counseling in Psychodance Therapy Metaphysical Dance®

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Deepti Canfora en

Deepti Canfora went to India in 1975 when she was 18 and received initiation from Osho. ...

“Beyond the physicality of movement, beyond the physical appearance of reality, beyond matter and energy, dancing beyond the limits of the real and the visible. Metaphysical Dance is a dance that takes you beyond what is visible and transcends what is physical by transforming it into energy and going beyond energy, bringing you to the centre of yourself.”  Deepti Canfora

The degree course is a professional training program accredited by the Università Popolare degli Studi* of Milan, which established a three-year degree in Counseling psychodance therapy Metaphysical Dance® in 2020.

The course is aimed at all meditators, operators in the sector, those who want to enrich their lives, those who wish to acquire a professional competence accredited with a three-year Italian degree, and those who desire to complete a path of personal growth.

It is a creative process of self-transformation; it is psychodance therapy, art therapy, communication, research, meditation, personal and spiritual growth. It can be considered a sort of metaphysicum iter, a journey of self-exploration and human and professional development.

The method implements a holistic experiential approach to face and recognize emotional, cognitive and behavioral discomfort.

It is a research that carries the fragrance of a continuous discovery of ourselves and the other.
It is a guide that leads to visiting, learning, experimenting, and observing the conscious and unconscious dynamics.
It is a journey of experimentation and self-exploration, which promotes knowledge of the other through oneself.

The teaching methodology used in Metaphysical Dance® is to accompany the ‘travellers’ through a process of discovery and growth with a method that can be defined as ‘maieutica’.

In the quality of meditation, a path is implemented through our energy centres (chakras) and subtle bodies, coming into contact with the secret and hidden aspects of our energy, bringing to light conflicts, traumas and suffering through a dimension of acceptance and a space of awareness not only bodily but also psychological and spiritual.


The body-mind is one of the protagonists of this path.
The body, with its movement, is undeniably one of the most concrete and easily accessible possibilities, which the unconscious has to express itself and give shape to what vibrates in the mind.

“The body is the first step for anyone seeking the truth. Anyone who wants to create the music of life must first check that his strings are neither too tight nor too loose. There are strings in the human body that shouldn’t be too tight or loose. Only in the balance of these strings does man enter the music of life. Knowing this music means knowing the soul. The soul connects with the body in certain centres; our vital energy comes from these connections. The soul is closely related to these centres, from which the vital energy flows into the body. All teachings and education have been addressed to our mind, while the roots thin out until they disappear. As a result, the life energy flows into man ever weaker, and our contact with the soul becomes less and less.”
OSHO, Starting Over 

To get in tune with one’s body, Metaphysical Dance® uses dance and dance theatre as an opportunity to learn to be more grounded in the body, bring awareness in gesture, presence in action, and presence to oneself.
Broaden our gaze to recognize that what touches us very often is what also touches the other. The thin border of skin that separates us can become an area of exchange and comparison and not a barrier behind which to hide.
Awakening and stimulating a bodily intelligence capable of involving the heart, refining perception, deepening listening, and training observation means having a body attentive to oneself and towards the other.


In addition to the body and its movement, other artistic media are used, such as painting, clay manipulation and writing, for a holistic vision of the Self, relationships, experience, and the world.


Metaphysical Dance uses this remarkable discovery by Rupert Sheldrake, based on the fact that morphic fields are also connected to the individual unconscious. Thus, through movement and painting, a morphic field is given shape. With the movement, the emotion or the discomfort or the psychological or behavioural dynamics that are being faced are awakened in the body. Then, the unconscious can transfer that energy that has surfaced onto the sheet. The drawing thus becomes a morphic field, the systemic energy of that person, and by entering that field, it will connect, thanks to the morphic resonance, with the memory of his past, even if forgotten; thus, what is usually invisible, because forced into the unconscious dimension, is brought outside, becomes visible, perceivable, conscious and observable.


In this phenomenological observation, the fourth chakra centre becomes the locus of observation without judgment.
Thanks to creating ‘space’, acceptance and unconditional love, the spiritual heart welcomes into its silent centre both what has been discovered and the pain of that emotional wound.
In this loving expansion towards oneself, in the absence of impulses to escape and judgement, in a silent space of meditation, vast and empty, every energy that emerges and flows into the heart is absorbed and transformed.

The training course leads, through meditation and the space created by the fourth chakra, the spiritual heart, to learn to recognize one’s emotional wounds and welcome all that is in disharmony, stimulating a natural self-healing process.
From the first year, a broad theoretical and experiential activity allows one to enter into a relationship with one’s Self consciously.
This process heralds the sensitive empathic predisposition to welcome and support the other without judgment helping in the relationship. It thus makes it possible to support the confident exploration of the inner world of other people.


At the end of this journey, the growth path accomplished is recognized with a Degree issued by the Popular University of Milan in Counseling in Metaphysical Dance® psycho-dance therapy.

This three-year degree allows you:

  • to operate as an individual Counselor and lead active meditation classes of Osho and Deepti Canfora and experiential workshops on specific topics
  • skills and competencies necessary to support and facilitate the integrated evolution of the other to find psychophysical harmony through the use of meditative, natural, energetic, artistic, creative, cultural and spiritual techniques

The training course is developed over three years of study divided in 2024 into three modules in June, September and December for 30 face-to-face days and six online theoretical classes.

Attendance at frontal teaching activities, thematic and dance theatre workshops, active meditations, theoretical lessons, internships, and supervision is mandatory for educational and experiential reasons.

The course includes, over the three years, a series of exams that provide the training credits to enrol at the Università Popolare di Miano and take the last three exams online, followed by the discussion of the Final Thesis.

There are also some places available as auditors, in limited numbers, i.e. meditators who want to complete the course but are not interested in the degree. Like previous experiences, it is required to practice meditation for a few years.
A high school diploma or higher qualifications are required for those who want to obtain a degree.
To be admitted to the course, please send your curriculum vitae.


1,134 (324+324+324+ 62 Internship +100 Supervision) – 146 ECTS


MODULE 1 from 22 to 30 June 2024 (9 days)
MODULE 2 from 17 to 29 September (13 days)
MODULE 3 from 9 to 16 December (8 days)


13 and 27 July 2024
5 and 19 October
9 and 30 November

You can consult the detailed study plan for the 1st year in the space specifically reserved for the first three modules.

You can also receive the detailed study plan for the 2nd and 3rd year by requesting it at

Leead by:

Deepti Canfora en

Deepti Canfora went to India in 1975 when she was 18 and received initiation from Osho. ...

Moduls and schedule

Degree Course for Counseling in Psychodance Therapy Metaphysical Dance®- MODULE 1

A creative process of transformation: psychodance therapy, art therapy, communication, research, personal and spiritual growth..

dal 22 June, 2024 ore 10:00
al 30 June, 2024 ore 16:30

Degree course for Counseling in Psychodance Therapy Metaphysical Dance®- MODULE 2

A journey to discover secret and hidden aspects of your energy. A continuous discovery of who you are and who is the other…

dal 17 September, 2024 ore 10:00
al 29 September, 2024 ore 16:30

Degree course for Counseling in Psychodance Therapy Metaphysical Dance®- MODULE 3

A method with a holistic experiential approach to address and recognize discomforts of emotional, cognitive and behavioral origin..

dal 9 December, 2024 ore 10:00
al 16 December, 2024 ore 16:30