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Connection to the inner Master

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O’SHO Connection is a masterful synthesis of several methods that come to life in a mode that is simultaneously healing and meditation. It was born from a long journey begun with Osho's meditations, continued with the Vipassana of the Sensations, the natural healing method of Osho Neo Reiki of Usui, the Breathing Techniques and reached its peak with Channeling.O’SHO Connection thus becomes the alchemic union that brings together the stages of this path. A meditative approach that uses light and love energy and allows reunion with one's essence and existence.Meditation of love and presence, to access the universal frequencies involved in healing. Being in connection, in union, empty like bamboo canes, in the attention, be in relation to who is there as is: pure consciousness.It works by quickly getting in touch with our own Essence, with our Inner Master, in a space of peace and blissfulness. From this space, when you want to work on others, in presence or distance, you connect with the person and through the Quantum Resonance phenomenon, the subject is reconnected to his Internal Healer.The O'Sho mantra that is used during the session allows to achieve a vibrational level that makes the healing effects very powerful. O'SHO Connection will for many be a new way to meditate, where presence, being in the Here and Now and the absence of doing, remain the core of this new methodology of the heart. This means to realize the great mystery of becoming bamboo canes and at the same time being healers.The Buddha says: My approach to reality is not to believe, but to see. Ihi passika: come and see

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