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Connection to the Inner Master

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MASTER Connection is a method created by Gyanprem in which meditation and healing, one's own and others', merge into a single process: "Heal the other, heal yourself". It comes from a deep knowledge of practices such as Reiki, Breath techniques and quantum resonance methods.

It is an extremely simple and effective tool that allows you to achieve and maintain a state of presence to the self, to the other and to circumstances. That presence that allows the mastery of moods, avoiding instinctive and unconscious reactions both of refusal and escape and abandonment, facilitating being with what is, as it is, to respond according to the present moment.

MASTER Connection creates that opening of the heart that allows a better flow with life, making it easier to accept and integrate polarity that we often experience as opposing and usually fighting each other.

MASTER Connection allows everyone to achieve and achieve important goals, such as physical and emotional healings, harmonize relationships, training one's availability and openness to change, to be creators aware of one's life.

It allows a better quality of life, both on a personal level and in a work and professional environment. It takes advantage of the experience gained in 40 years of learning various ancient and modern techniques, whose constant practice has led to grasping the essence of each of them and thus creating an extraordinary synthesis applicable to any life situation.

It is also an experience of meditation and spiritual evolution, which allows us to realize the great mystery of becoming empty like a bamboo rod and, at the same time, through a subtle healing energy.

It is a method accessible to anyone who wants to deepen their ability to stay in the present, here and now. It stimulates, sensitizes and enhances the perception of new subtle healing frequencies.

No previous experience or introductory interviews are required.

Experience it, live it and you'll thank yourself for giving yourself this experience.

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