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In the West, Tantra was and is often associated with methods to improve sex. However, the tantric perspective goes deeper. Tantra is art, science, a spiritual path and a lifestyle embracing all aspects of life. It is a path of generation, transformation and freedom through the body, saying yes to sexuality, love and consciousness as equal parts.
SkyDancing Tantra®, created by Margot Anand and empowered by the vision of Osho, is the first Neo-Tantra approach in our modern world. It offers you tools to consciously liberate and connect with your own body, vitality, sexuality and love. It allows you to transform and to create a deeper and authentic connection with yourself, your partner and loved ones around you in your daily life.

SkyDancing Tantra is happy and honoured to offer our first workshop in Miasto!

We invite you to come and explore the Tantric path on an introductory workshop.
In this weekend you will discover and harmonize the different aspects of your Self through the body using Tantric and other practices and tools in a playful and relaxed way on earth and in water. You will have the opportunity to expand your love and consciousness capacities enjoying and opening new dimensions of sexuality and your own ecstatic flow of energy. You will develop a relaxed and energetic awareness of yourself. All these in a safe and trustful atmosphere with respect of your own boundaries.

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