Limits and space

Osho Pulsation bodywork

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In childhood, we were conditioned to repress many emotions: anger, fear, sadness, sexuality and even joy. These repressed energies are unconsciously retained in the muscles of the body in the form of tension, pain or numbness.


In this workshop we will make a "journey" in which we will have the opportunity to release physical and emotional tensions and get back in touch with the fresh and relaxing life force that pulsates within us. We will explore the thoracic segment by returning to make the "center of our inner solar system" shine, opening up to a dimension of great space, trust and integrity. We will contact our protection dynamics and the ability to let go of baggage that we no longer need in order to feel free to open up and expand to life. We will discover that an open and vulnerable heart can no longer be injured, it will instead become a powerful tool for transformation.



Osho Pulsation bodywork is a method for personal growth. It has a body-based therapeutic approach, which has its roots in Wilhelm Reich's revolutionary work.

It is a work that puts physical activity in synergy with the ability to live in the present moment and the physiology of emotional dynamics. Through breathing, movement and meditation it is possible to resume full contact with the life that flows inside our body.

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