Men’s Liberation




dal 7 Settembre ore 10:00
al 14 Settembre ore 16:30

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Men’s Liberation Retreat is an intense, fun and stimulating 3 step process – for men who want to explore deeply into what it means to be a man, to be in their male power and for men, who also want to discover and appreciate their feminine qualities.

The retreat is about friendship. Men often forget how valuable and important it is that we meet and support each other like friends and brothers in our search for truth and purpose of life.
It is an experiment that requires courage and enthusiasm for the new and the unknown. It is for men with an open heart and an open mind.

In the first step of this process we will nurture and appreciate our positive male qualities: men are beautiful, powerful, courageous, creative and adventurous. On the other hand, Men’s Liberation is also about detoxifying masculinity from the past. If we take responsibility for our negative male qualities – egoism, violence, competition or our thirst for power and control – then we finally get in touch with our creative power: a power that will not hurt or dominate others but instead make them grow.

In the second step of our journey we will dive deeply into the female aspects of our psyche. Men can be sensitive, intuitive, caring and empathic! We will discover and explore how to own and appreciate our feminine qualities. Who would only want to be half a man, when we can have both, masculine and feminine qualities? And if men are connected with their vulnerability then their relationships become truly respectful and nurturing.

In the third phase of this process we will explore how to balance our male and female energies. This retreat is about overcoming the separation between the masculine and feminine aspects of our personality. A division that exists deep within the fabrics of our mind and it plays out in our relationships with women and in how we treat Mother Earth. You can learn how to bring these two essential energies into playful harmony. In our hearts and in our soul, men and women belong to each other. We are parts of each other. We belong to a single humanity, together to create a better world.



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