Osho Neo-Vipassana Retreat 5 or 7 days




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Allow yourself the luxury to just be, and the luxury of total silence.

With no outside influences to distract you, see what is possible when all your energy is used only for watching.

Through awareness of the breath, we can watch, without getting involved, as our mind’s dramas slow down. Our thinking process settles when we withdraw our attention and involvement with it.

Vipassana is known as an insight meditation. An insight is an understanding that can happen, not through thinking about something, but through giving the thinking process a rest – that is meditation.

You will be in silence for the whole duration of the retreat but Shunyo will be available, should you wish to ask about your meditation, or share what is happening for you in a personal talk.

You may book for five or seven days, if you join us from the beginning.

“The rising and falling of your breath: that is the way of looking within. Many have said: Look within. Socrates has said: Look within, know thyself, but nobody has given the exact method. Buddha gives you the exact method: the rising and the falling of the breath. It is through the breath that you are bridged. Breath is the bridge between your soul and your body. If you can watch your breath rising and falling, slowly slowly you will be able to see the body as separate from yourself and also the breath as separate from yourself, because the watcher cannot be the watched, the observer cannot be the observed. Suddenly one day you will realize that you are the witness of it all. And the witness is certainly transcendental to all that it witnesses. In that very moment freedom has happened to you.” OSHO, The Dhammapada


Shunyo and Marco

Shunyo is sannyasin since 1974 and has lived alongside Osho for a long time, taking care of his...