Meditation Experience December




dal 24 Dicembre ore 10:00
al 26 Dicembre ore 16:30

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Meditation Experience is an opportunity that Miasto offers to those approaching active meditation techniques for the first time. And for those who have been meditating longer and want to give themselves a full immersion in meditation and celebration.

It is the main gateway to Osho’s world because it offers you a personal and direct experience of his vision, a new way of living with awareness, relaxation, joy, play, dance and silence.
It is an invitation to go deeper and to experiment with different ways to reconnect to your inner space.
Thanks to the careful guidance of experienced facilitators, a rich and intense range of techniques will be offered. You will spend these days in Miasto surrounded by nature in the hills of Siena. Between the various activities it is possible to take nature walks, or simply enjoy the surrounding quietness.
Good vegetarian cuisine and a friendly atmosphere will contribute, giving you joyful and pleasant days to regenerate your energy.
Participation in Meditation Experience is free for people under 25 years.

ONE TO ONE interview. If it interests you in starting a path of inner growth and you don’t know how to orient yourself among the many proposals, you can take advantage of having an individual orientation interview, free and without obligation. A Miasto consultant will make his/her experience available and will support you in evaluating the various proposals, based on your real needs.



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