Dance Alchemy Training

Body Therapy - Emotional Intelligence - Inner Alchemy - Meditation

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Themes: rebalance the body, rebalance the body, strengthen your resources, rebalance energy,

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This training is a powerful transformational process using dance, expression, self-acceptance and meditation. Our bodies know how to heal and recover from traumas or events that affect our nervous system, but we are trained to go against this natural ability. Our bodies are constantly telling us what is real and true and what needs to be felt and allowed.

When we connect to the energies and emotions held in the body, with no judgment or wish to fix and change, but with love and presence, things already start to change, a certain alchemy starts happening.

When we allow movements and emotions to express through dance as they are, this in itself brings joy. In a climate of acceptance and non-judging presence, these emotions transform and reveal their essential qualities, deeper sensitivities, greater understanding and new strengths. We are no longer divided against ourselves. The resulting feeling of wholeness and happiness opens the doors, inside of us, to connect with the beauty of our authentic being and the stillness within.

This is the alchemy of transformation. This is meditation in action.

In the first part of the training, we learn how to use the alchemy of transformation, the elements of which we have in our own bodies, becoming familiar with how it works as we go through a deeply transforming process ourselves. This is the main focus, since through the process we become more relaxed, more joyous, more loving and accepting, and more perceptive of the body, which is what is needed to work with people using the understandings of Dance Alchemy.

As we learn how to work with the alchemy, we will explore the energies of the first 5 chakras, bringing this alchemy to issues we may have in the related areas of life.

We also explore dance, learning many ways to enrich our movement vocabulary, expand our ability to communicate and create through the body and become comfortable with flow and spontaneity. We study body language and learn to 'read' what is happening within us and with others.

This training includes a deep exploration of the heart center and whatever may be in the way of our own self-love. We then explore our aliveness, fire, intensity and what past experiences or ideas may be in the way of our being fully alive. The study of meditation, being present to energy, and how this phenomenon of witnessing integrates the moving energy into the body-mind system, are the keys that lead to the vertical dimension and take us into the depth and height of our inner being.
Throught this work  we may become masters of our own energy and flow with the changes of life with resilience and joy; we will learn about the subtle body energies connected to each chakra and we will expand our awareness of energy in ourselves and others; we will also learn energy reading techniques.


  • Maneesha Mc Clure was trained in dance and dance therapy in the USA. In 1973 she became a disc...

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