The colours of our being


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17 June 2021
(h 10:00)
20 June 2021
(h 16:30)
4 days

This workshop is for everyone and, in its simplicity, will open new doors of awareness towards love, relaxation and the joy of living. Personal exploration will focus on mirroring the colours of Aura-Soma®'s sophisticated English system. Aura eans ""Light"" and Soma means "body".

The aura that surrounds our physical body is pure light and colours, like when light passes through the prism and breaks into the colours of the rainbow.
Aura-Soma® has literally bottled the energy of the colours to make it available both for the physical body and the subtle bodies. ""We are the Colours we choose"" is the phrase that Aura-Soma’s founder Vicky Wall coined to present the system she had already created in the 1980s. The English language confirms its veracity: the word human is composed of hue, which means ""tint/color"" and man.

Osho Miasto hosts this Aura-Soma® workshop and it will be breathtakingly beautiful to see how the group room can host the 117 wonderful and elegant colour combinations of the Equilibrium bottle. Also available will be the complete set of Pomander and Quintessences. We will learn how these function on our subtle bodies. We will be guided to grasp the many nuances with which the chosen colours will ""speak"" to each and every person.

The accuracy of the messages of each color present in the bottle that we have chosen by instinct, will convey understanding and new awareness to all the issues that we want to investigate. It will thus be possible to receive greater clarity on the level of personality and soul thanks to new understandings. Due to targeted meditations, we will become more and more familiar with the existence of our being's center. It will become a type of springboard from which to dive into exploration.

The mystics state, that the Being is the space in which our True Aura, our potential, life's mission and purpose are situated. The workshop will therefore be marked by the various choices of Aura-Soma® Equilibrium bottles, depending on the physical, psychological, emotional or spiritual theme to which the participant is a carrier. Supported by those who are leading the group and thanks to the numerous exercises of deep perception, we will let more relaxation, more lightness and joy to arise. A big advantage will also be that, having experienced such a knowledge of colours, once at home you will be able to decide whether to continue with this personal exploration and to deepen the revelations received along this path.

The Aura-Soma® system is not designed to ""solve"" problems from a medical and psychosomatic point of view, but it works effectively to literally bring more light. Light means more self-awareness and more clarity in living one's life.


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