Clay: Art in our Hands




dal 16 Settembre ore 21:30
al 18 Settembre ore 16:30

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Clay:  Art in our Hands  is a ceramic and meditation workshop designed and inspired by traditional antique techniques.

Sumito’s Art Therapy is based on meditation and is focused on putting you in touch with your essence. It helps you to discover a state of presence that guides you beyond the mind and that pushes you to create spontaneously and in absolute freedom. Whatever you create becomes the mirror of your present moment. The creative act comes from an intuition, and intuition comes from a space of inner silence.

Art is in our hands because we are all creative and we can all express ourselves through beauty, love and truth.
In this workshop, we work on feeling, on the flow of our hands, on the important perception of touch, and on the sense of touch. Our hands speak their own language. Through meditation, we will bring presence, listening and attention in order to give them the freedom to express themselves and follow their instincts in a totally spontaneous expression.

Working with clay, the hands become the expression of our inner world and our heart. The movement and rhythm of creating a work with your hands leads to an enormous inner relaxation. The hands express like the eyes. They are the language of being, and in working with clay, we can express ourselves through them.

We center the work in this workshop on not knowing and trust: trust in our hands and not knowing what work our hands will create. Trust in the unknown means to go beyond our mental ideas; let our hands guide us in experiencing the clay and her gifts, in the magic of creativity. We will use colored clay and the engobe technique. We will deepen our working with ancient techniques to feel a stronger connection with our roots, to arrive to our natural expression. Listening to and observing our hands expressing themselves can lead us to a simple but enlightening understanding about ourselves. This is important. It can enable you to trust in your own creative intuition.

This workshop is also connected to “The sense of touch”, touch, perception and resonance – topics that will be taken up and deepened.

“Hand and head are the two poles, and if your energy is moving through the hands, the head by and by subsides.” OSHO, just Like That


Deva Sumito

Deva Sumito is an artist who graduated from the Istituto D’Arte in Venice. She is also an Art...