Tantra in Water for Couples




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These days are an opportunity to allow yourselves to deepen the connection between your couple.
Let go into the warm waters of Sagar. Take a break from the daily routines and find space to nourish your relationship through silence, intimacy, relaxation and benefit from immersing yourself into the hot water pool.

To support and deepen this meeting we will use:
– meditation techniques for couples suggested by Osho
– Tantric meditations and exercises in the warm water pool and in the meditation room
– Osho’s teachings on tantra
– a protected space for sharing and exploration

The workshop will partly take place in Miasto’s warm water pool and partly in one of the meditation rooms.
These days are a support to deepen the intimacy in the relationship.
This work is deeply rooted in meditation.

All exercises and explorations will only happen with ones partner. The prerequisite for participation is that both in the couple wish to be together.

“If you want a harmonious relationship with your man, you will have to learn to be more meditative. Love alone is not enough. Love alone is blind; meditation gives it eyes. Meditation gives it understanding.
And once your love is both love and meditation, you become fellow travellers. Then it is no longer an ordinary relationship between husband and wife. Then it becomes a friendliness on the path towards discovering the mysteries of life.” OSHO – Beyond Enlightenment



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