Tantra in Water: Opening to Love




from 27 September hour 10:00
to 29 September hour 16:30

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Opening to love is an individual Tantra workshop in warm water.

It is part of a new and broader path of three workshops. Each workshop of this path can also be enjoyed only individually or in the order you want.

• Opening to love (hot water workshop)
• Opening to joy
• Opening to intimacy (masculine / feminine; eros and sexuality)

Tantra is basically about uniting the male and female within ourselves, to become mature enough to recognise our own inner man or our own inner woman.

In the other workshop in this process we explore and bring awareness to how we project the inner opposite sex on the outside. We explore it in the 3 basic “layers” that Tantra addresses. The Black Layer that is the instinctive layer. The Red Layer, that deals with our emotions and the white layer that addresses our consciousness.

In Opening to Love we expand our awareness in these 3 “layers”. We will be introducing various meditations and energetic practises to support an inner meeting of the polarities within ourselves.

We will be deepening our practise into containing energy, having space – relaxing into non doing, yielding, resting (the more female dimensions in Life). We will work with and explore meditations and explorations from the world of Tantra that supports the process of restoring a balance within ourselves. We will be using the hot water pool in Osho Miasto to let go into ourselves and to support and deepen our sensitivity. Partly, this course will take place in the warm water pool and partly in one of the meditation rooms.


  • Deepen the practise with Tantric Meditations
  • Establish a deeper connection with the energy body and the physical body
  • Enhance the connection with the source within and the flow of life


  • Have a stronger feeling of being more at home within yourself
  • Become more relaxed with your intimate relationships
  • Find healing and understanding in all areas of relating with others
  • Having more joy and acceptance in your daily life

In our Tantra workshops there is no nudity. There will be space for sharing and time for open work to address individual issue connected with Tantra.

“One day you will be mature enough to recognize your own woman or your own man. And that day is the day of great celebration, because you are free from the other. You have found the other within yourself; now there is no need to be dependent on anyone. The man is free, the woman is free and this does not mean that you cannot love, you cannot have friends on the outside. In fact, now you can very easily have very smooth-going friendships, very beautiful love affairs, because it is no more a necessity for you. As far as you are concerned, you are fulfilled. Now it is not a need such that you have to be dependent.” OSHO, Sermons in Stones



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