The Seeds of Abundance




dal 28 Settembre ore 21:30
al 2 Ottobre ore 16:30

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The Seeds of Abundance is one of the three workshops with Kapil on the Inner Judge on the themes: abundance, the principle of scarcity and vitality.

Existence is an explosion of potential with the possibility of creativity and desire.

A childish relationship with our inner judge makes us uncertain, insecure, fearful of making mistakes. The internal dependence on the unconscious structure of judgment inherited from our parents and society, forces us to look at ourselves and at the world in a distorted manner.

The principle of scarcity, based on limits, competition and conflict, is at the center of the psychic structure called the Superego, together with the profound and unconscious belief in the impossibility of satisfaction. When pleasure and satisfaction happen by chance, we repeat to ourselves with absolute conviction that this “CAN ONLY” be temporary and “CANNOT LAST”.

The belief that life is scarce, scarce of love, wealth, joy, sexuality,  intimacy and  passion and that there only exists struggle, toil or being satisfied, creates a web of tension in the body and a subtle cloak of greyness and disappointment that envelops us, filtering the experience of the moment and reading it with the dull eyes of the past. Even temporary satisfaction and achievements never undermine this deep-rooted belief that abundance is not possible. Or that we don’t deserve it.

This workshop helps you become aware of this cloak and its effects and the fundamental falsity of its premises, we release our “joie de vivre” and the actual ability to manifest abundance and prosperity in our lives.





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