Tantric Pulsation Training 2



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dal 3 Agosto ore 10:00
al 9 Agosto ore 16:30

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Tantric Pulsation Training is a four-module course addressed to the people who have already experienced Pulsation’s works. It is a Training to specifically deepen the work of Tantric Pulsation with practical experiences and theoretical teachings.

In the second part of the Training, Osho Pulsation Bodywork will help us to recontact the body to bring it back to its natural flow of energy and vitality. We will move together in an atmosphere of intimacy, based on loving acceptance, availability and friendliness, kind attention and deep respect for everyone in the group.

In this protected space we can explore in detail the different practices and the numerous partner meditations that Tantric Pulsation teaches. “The Book of Secrets” is Osho’s commentary on an ancient tantric book called “Vigyan Bhairav Tantra”, which is said to have been compiled by seekers 5000 years ago. Many of the Tantric Pulsation couples meditations come from sutras or aphorisms of this book. Each sutra gives an indication for a meditation; Oshos precious commentaries and explanations clarify many parts of the book, otherwise difficult to interpret, because poetically formulated in the language of that time. Particularly, we include meditations regarding the body and that can be enhanced in combination with breathing and movements promoting energy flow and connection between the partners.

All three parts of the Tantric Pulsation Training should be completed before joining this group.


Aneesha Dillon

Aneesha Dillon, American-born, trained in neo-Reichian education with Charles Kelley at the Radix...