Path of Love

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07 October 2020
(h 20:30)
14 October 2020
(h 16:30)
8 days
Step-by-step, Path Love open your eyes and empower you to live the life you have always dreamed of and hoped for… a life full of joy, aliveness and deep connection to yourself and others, your creativity and your work. The Path of Love is an intensive, loving and liberating process in which participants are supported to passionately focus on their sincere desire and longing to awaken and realise their full human and spiritual potential. Our longing, courageously combined with a love for the Truth and an inner yearning for peace provides clear inner guidance and direction for spiritual unfoldment. The longing of the heart is benevolent and as it is oriented towards Truth, it perfectly reveals all the inner layers of identification, concepts, beliefs and emotionally charged defensive positions that keep us from directly experiencing our True Nature. By honestly and compassionately facing these layers, the heart opens profoundly into the experience of Love. This opening reveals the deeper meaning and purpose of our lives, directing us to realise our Essence and connection to the Divine. This Path of Love process, taken with a firm, focused intention and sincere longing for Freedom, presents the possibility for the participant to have a significant and lasting breakthrough and the shift in consciousness.


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