The Magic of Meditation




dal 9 Novembre ore 10:00
al 13 Novembre ore 16:30

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A Journey into the Book of Secrets. The Magic of Meditation workshop is a journey into the mysteries of ancient Indian wisdom.

These techniques are the answers that Shiva was giving to Parvati in answer to her questions about the meaning of life and how to live consciously. Osho has translated these methods into ways for us to experiment and to use these techniques in our daily activities. During this workshop we will explore how our busy minds take us into past and future and we miss the moment. Moving from thinking to feeling, from head to heart is the easiest way to be present and there is more than one method to help us experience this. We will be using our senses as ways to be present – the sense of looking, listening and touch. Some of the techniques are body oriented and some are quite magical and esoteric.

The techniques are practiced sometimes alone, and sometimes connecting with each other, sometimes in silence and stillness and sometimes in dance and celebration. Veet Marco playing live music, especially created for the meditations gives our workshop a joyful atmosphere that supports us to let go into the moment.

“You can drop your miseries only when some inner meaning starts flowering in you. Miseries can be dropped only when meditation starts blooming in you because then you start enjoying your emptiness, it is no longer empty. Emptiness itself starts having a positive fragrance; it isn’t negative anymore. That’s the whole magic of meditation: it transforms your emptiness into a positive fulfillment, into something overwhelming. Emptiness becomes silence, emptiness becomes peace, and emptiness becomes divine, it becomes godliness.  There is no greater magic than meditation. To transform the negative into the positive, to transform darkness into light, that is the miracle of meditation. To transform a trembling person into a fearless soul, to transform a person who was clinging to every stupid thing into a nonclinger, into a nonpossessor, that is what happens through meditation.”
Osho, The Dhammapada


Shunyo and Marco

Shunyo is sannyasin since 1974 and has lived alongside Osho for a long time, taking care of his...