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It is an experiential seminar based on the social meditation AUM created by Veeresh Yuson. Within this wonderful meditation there are keys that, when they are recognized and welcomed with awareness, they can help to us to have more joy in our daily life.

You will have a profound experience of this meditation technique. In a playful way we will explore the many aspects and have chances to turn them into tools for our well-being in our everyday lives. These days will be an opportunity to start with a new „modus vivendi“ that will be in tune with a deeper sense of yourself. You will have a direct experience of how you, actively, can influence your reality. You will learn to take responsibility for obtaining what you want in your life and getting results from that. By joining this course you will have the opportunity to experience and confront yourself with three fundamental fears: the fear of dying, the fear of going crazy and the fear of pleasure. This group is open to everybody. Both to those who have never experienced this technique as well as to those who already know AUM. It is a seminar for people who in general is open to change and who wishes to orient themselves towards a sense of well-being in a social context through play, experimenting oneself and sharing in a loving atmoshpere with others. No specific requirements are necessary, but it certainly helps to have a healthy curiosity, motivation and openness to change.

Techniques applied:

  • Bioenergetics
  • Techniques of expression and sharing



Aseel is Osho sannyasin since 2003, has worked as a social worker and educator. ...


Somraj is trained as AUM Meditation Leader at Humaniversity in Holland and as Family Constellator at...