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Clay: Pottery and Meditation is a workshop inspired by antique techniques. The creative act comes from an intuition, and intuition comes from a space of inner silence. Sumito’s Art Therapy based on meditation and focused on putting you in touch with your essence. It helps you to discover a state of presence that guides you beyond the mind and that stimulates you to create spontaneously and in absolute freedom. Whatever you create becomes the mirror of your present moment.

The invitation is to give a form to your own imagination and to personally create an object that speaks about you. The modelling of clay is a spontaneous creative activity that immediately puts you in connection with your imagination. It is an activity of continuous discovery, passing through infinite emotions and sensations. From this is born a creation that gives satisfaction, pleasure and well-being. Inside the laboratory, with Sumito’s careful guidance, one learns to play and experiment with the different processing techniques, from the simplest to the most complex, in a free and enjoyable manner:

The thumb technique, to create cups and bowls
The plate technique,  to create prints, textures, masks, mosaics and bas-reliefs
Ceramica sheets, to create shapes and objects
The Colombino technique
The engobe technique for decoration (absolutely non-toxic)
Engraving and decoration with enamels

You will discover how the modelling of clay has infinite expressive possibilities and offers an unlimited space for the development and manifestation of one’s creativity, creating together real artistic ceramics, taking part in the whole process, from the modelling to the realization of the object decorated and baked in the oven.

“Creativity is the greatest rebellion in existence.” OSHO



Deva Sumito

Deva Sumito is an artist who graduated from the Istituto D’Arte in Venice. She is also an Art...



Deva Sumito