Counseling Skills and Relationship Dynamic: Zen Counseling Training 1




from 9 August hour 10:00
to 15 August hour 16:30

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This workshop, although part of Zen Counseling Training, is accessible to all, as a complete workshop in itself.

Experiencing authentic love is the basis of all healing. Because of past conditioning our so-called love is often mixed with demands or we unconsciously try to rescue someone from suffering.

This ‘bonding love’ lacks the quality of restfulness and respect for the other and has its origin in unresolved bonds to our parents.

During this training we learn to stay more connected to ourselves when we relate to others and to overcome old dysfunctional relating patterns.

Using a Gestalt model we explore the relationship to our parents and to love partners and explore how such relationships can flow more harmoniously.

We unlearn wrong beliefs about love and reconnect to its essential meaning and in this way allow ourselves to grow in love.

On a training level we develop compassion towards a client that comes out of an empty heart rather than from a desire to help.

We practise how to support a person to explore his own relationship dynamics and how to balance nourishing a client’s essence and confronting his defences. As our approach will not be technique-oriented, participants will be able to apply their new skills and insights to a wide range of different sessions and situations where they are in a position of helping people.

“Yes, my therapists are the best in the world, for the simple reason that other therapists are only therapists, they are not meditators. My therapists are meditators too. Therapy is a superficial thing. It can help to clean the ground, but just to have a clean ground is not to have a garden. You will need something more.”  OSHO, Light on the Path



Svagito is a therapist and spritual teacher, who combines therapy with meditation and mindfulness....