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Craniosacral Biodynamic® Training is a therapeutic approach to self-regulation and to more harmony in body, soul, spirit. It is a profound and respectful method of working on the body.

The program of Craniosacral Biodynamic® Training is in 7 seminars of 7 days each. It allows a spread of information and teaching over time, to give space to feedback and supervision, to absorb the material and to deepen the experience.

The Training is open to both professional body workers and to those who are interested in an experience of deep contact and healing.

This very first part of the training begins addressing the state of the practitioner and the development of perception. Students learn the necessary skills to come into appropriate relationship with the health of the organism and with its expression, the primary respiration.

The emphasis is on facilitating the vitality within each of us, encouraging a fuller expression of life and of our potential as physical and spiritual human beings.

MODULE 1: Contents

  • History and evolution of craniosacral work
  • Fulcrums and presence
  • The state of the practitioner
  • Establishing a safe relational field
  • Resources
  • Developing perceptual and listening skills
  • Biodynamic principles
  • The primary respiratory system: anatomy and functions
  • The neurocranium
  • The Breath of Life
  • Primary respiration and its manifestations
  • Settling into stillness

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Bhadrena C. Tschumi Gemin

Bhadrena is a bodyworker since the beginning of '70 and during these years she was strongly trained...


Kavi is an osteopath, has been teaching and practicing Craniosacral Balancing® for over twenty five...