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Craniosacral Biodynamic® Training is a therapeutic approach to self-regulation and to more harmony in body, soul, spirit. It is a profound and respectful method of working on the body.

The program of Craniosacral Biodynamic® Training is in 7 seminars of 7 days each. It allows a spread of information and teaching over time, to give space to feedback and supervision, to absorb the material and to deepen the experience. The Training is open to both professional body workers and to those who are interested in an experience of deep contact and healing.

This part of the Training 2 presents further fundamental principles of the method. The study of embryology is a guide to understanding the forces of human development that sustain us throughout life.

Participants learn to foster the sense of unity and wholeness of the body and to recognize the expression of the vital breath in fluids. Supporting the expression of this intrinsic breath stimulates the ability to self-regulate and the sense of vitality of the system. The anatomical and functional aspects of the skull will be studied in depth.

MODULE 2: Contents

  • The three Neutrals of practitioner and client
  • Neutral and wholeness
  • Morphological and phenomenological embryology
  • The formation of the midline
  • The Tidal field and the fluid body
  • The fluid tide
  • Reciprocal tension membrane and its motility
  • Inter-relationships between the bones of the neurocranium
  • Resources and perception
  • Stillness and the CV4 process
  • Inherent treatment plan

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Bhadrena C. Tschumi Gemin

Bhadrena is a bodyworker since the beginning of '70 and during these years she was strongly trained...


Kavi is an osteopath, has been teaching and practicing Craniosacral Balancing® for over twenty five...