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“Personality is just like a wave, or a line drawn on the water. It is a form, and form is continuously changing. The form is not truth. Only the formless can be the true. Only the unchanging can be true.” OSHO, And The Flowers Showered

The Enneagram is a geometrical symbol with nine points that defines nine types of personality. Each point represents an unconscious strategy (fixation) through which people interpret the world and manage their emotions and relationships.

When we identify with any of these fixations, we develop a particular rigid vision of the world and of ourselves, that prevents us from responding to whatever come as to something fresh and new.

In the light of this System, the negative experiences we had in our early childhood, and even in mother’s womb, are the ones which prevent us the most from recognizing the rainbow of possibilities that life has to offer us in the here and now.

As children, we experienced instinctively that something essential (for example truth, or love, or justice) was lacking in our surrounding. This lack created a deep imprint in our system.

As we grew up, we developed a personality that continues perceiving this lack, and tries to fill it up, to compensate for it, to ignore it, by adopting a fixed behavior that in the end provokes only stress, rigidity, fear, anger, a sense of inadequacy and in the end a sense of exclusion from the whole.

In this workshop you will become able to:

  • Recognize which one of these nine points is your fixation
  • Understand in depth what caused this automatic behavior
  • How this automatism limits your chances at expressing yourself, experiencing life and connecting with others
  • Find back your flow and the ability to find new ways to see the world, others, and yourself.

You will also learn to:

  • Move from one point to the following through the whole Enneagram
  • Recognize in your interactions with the people you work with or your loved ones which one is their fixation, thus developing understanding and compassion towards them and yourself.

“The whole art of meditation is, how to leave the personality easily, move to the center, and be not a person. Just to be and not be a person is the whole art of meditation, the whole art of inner ecstasy.”  OSHO And The Flowers Showered


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