Flowing between Water, Earth, Air and Fire




from 28 June hour 10:00
to 30 June hour 16:30

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This two-day retreat offers you the opportunity to reconnect to the wisdom of your body.

It is an invitation to immerse yourself in the world of your body, exploring its natural vitality and sensuality. The body is your “temple”, a universe full of energy, sensations and emotions.
Through music, dance, warm water and massage, the body relaxes deeply; the mind settles down and meditation happens.
You discover a new intimacy with yourself and with others, while also becoming aware of a natural flow in daily life.
In warm water (35 degrees), through joyfulness and playfulness, a regeneration process begins. The water melts and welcomes you into a deep stillness. The boy feels protected. It releases tensions, entrusts itself to Mother Water, in a deep relaxation, and in a timeless space.

The work in water combines the elements of water and air, through gentle stretching, joint mobility and work on the breath, both above and below the surface of the water. In the massage on land, accompanied by the sound of some musical instruments and the rhythm of the heart, you experience the art of touch through Hawaiian oceanic massage techniques, focused on the Earth and Fire elements.

In the deep blue of your inner ocean and in a deep physical, emotional and mental relaxation, you open to trust and you let emerge, the memories of your original being, images and sensations that water generously gives to you.

This experience is open to people of all ages. No water skills or massage prerequisites are required.



Amina Morena Mugnai is from Tuscany, and since childhood, has been immersed in its natural beauty...