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Teenagers are no longer children nor adults yet, something in between that tremendously need to have a special value and dedication.

Education tends to guide the new generations so that they find their talent, but at the same time it tries to frame them and pigeonhole them into a structure pre-established by society oriented towards efficiency and competition.

The result is that a teenager often feels in crisis, not listened to, forced and repressed because she/he does not have the space to be free in her/his inner search and transformation.

The adolescent begins to feel like a dropout, a non-belonger, alien to the mechanisms and conditioning around her/him, including the family which sometimes does not have the tools to establish conscious relationships.

If what you read resonates with you, this weekend is for you.

You will have the opportunity to contact your primary creative source, release expressive blocks and feel part of an artistic Tribe.
Through painting and creative exercises you will be able to contact the life force for the expansion of your energy and flowering.
You will find your authentic expression, your fresh, pure language, which does not feel judgment or manipulation.
You will be able to have fun and socialize in a protected and meditative environment, in which everyone is on a journey to discover and enhance their own self.

Art is that magical territory in which everyone can feel free!

The facilitation is by a former teenage artist who, having had a turbulent adolescence, has dedicated a lot of time to inclusive education, in order to support each individual in their growth.

“Teenagers […] they are not serious, they are simply experimenting. A vast life has become available to them and they are experimenting. It is the duty of the parents and the teachers and the educational institutes to give them beautiful alternatives, to give changes which can help their growth, their maturity.” OSHO, Socrates Poisoned Again After 25 Centuries




Sahaja is an Artist, seeker, passionate about art and travel since she was a child. She exhibited in...