Living Your Longing




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“Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.” Henry Ford

Longing is the yearning of the heart for fulfilment, the feeling of peace that comes from knowing that our life has meaning. Do you know what your longing is?

We long for authentic love, but we fall back into old love-less patterns, and love is buried under daily routines or quarrels. We want to reduce our stress but continue to work way too much. We want to live a healthier lifestyle, exercise more or stop smoking, but then our New Year’s resolutions are quickly abandoned.

So what is the reason that we often act contrary to our promises and intentions?

The phenomenon that lies behind our “self-sabotaging” behaviour is called “competing commitments.” Competing commitments are associated with our unconscious values and beliefs that are at odds with our longing and intention. We want to make important changes in our lives, but one foot is on the gas pedal and the other remains on the brake. The “competing commitments” model, developed by Harvard psychologists Bob Kegan and Lisa Lahey, provides a compelling explanation for the paradox that people regularly undermine their own progress in living their longings and aspirations.

What you get and what you learn

  • Find out what your deepest longings are
  • Build the courage and confidence to live your longings.
  • Understand core concepts such as “competing commitments” and “limiting self-talk”
  • Uncover the limitations that prevent you from living your longings.
  • Deepen your trust in your intuition and the “voice of courage”.
  • Learn how to align your core values with your daily actions.
  • Understand how you sometimes lose your heart or sabotage yourself.
  • Learn how to create your own rituals to break old habits and overcome fears and doubts.
  • Make a commitment to take your longing more seriously
  • Follow through on your commitment after the course with a friend and “accountability partner”

“Longing is opening of the inner: desire is accumulation of the outer. Man desires money: man longs for meditation. Man, desires power: man longs for purity. Man, desires knowledge: man longs for awareness. Man desires the world: man longs for God.“ OSHO






Sudhir began his spiritual studies in a yoga ashram in Kerala, while visiting India for the first...