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from 6 June hour 21:00
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Meditate with Miasto ONLINE: to meditate at your home connected to many people all around the world.
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Meditation generates well-being and awareness. Meditation is a valuable tool for creating positive and lasting relationships, starting with the relationship with yourself. Meditating is not entering a dream or a different reality, nor a method to lead us to mystical visions or to give us superpowers. Meditating is learning to be in the present moment, observing what is happening around you, without judgement.

“Meditate with Miasto ONLINE” on the Zoom platform, offers you:

on June 6 at 9.00 pm with Atimoda and Prem Daniele 

Ikigai is a Japanese word meaning “life worth living”: this expression underlines the concrete possibility for people to be agents of change and optimism for themselves, others and nature.

This ONLINE event is the beginning of a journey toward understanding your onw IKIGAI, discovering your vision and mission and finding the necessary tools to manifest and implement it in the world. The focus of the work is how to access the intelligence of the heart.

Ikigai is meant for those who wish to create a more sustainable, inclusive and joyous world where happiness, creativity, empathy and love can exist.

Before the meditation there is an introduction to the technique. After each meditation there is a short space dedicated to questions and answers or simply to share and deepen the experience that is new and different each time. See you on Zoom!

Meditation is adventure, the greatest adventure the human mind can undertake. Meditation is just to be, not doing anything – no action, no thought, no emotion.” OSHO, The Orange Book


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Atimoda is co-founder of Vyvi - We are one, with a degree in literature and philosophy, she is a...

Prem Daniele

Prem Daniele is co-founder of Vyvi - We are one, with a degree in nursing, he is a trainer,...